Best Solar Powered Lighting and Rechargeable Batteries

Solar Panels Sydney and rechargeable lanterns both have similar benefits and are a must-have for camping, backyard forts, or power out situations.

Whether you are camping or entertaining in your yard, solar powered lanterns have many uses and are handy to own. It requires no electricity since the battery is recharged by the sun and will last approximately 8 hours. Keep a rechargeable lantern handy, because you will find they have many uses. Try hanging it on a hook where it will get sunlight during the day and be accessible at night. It will provide plenty of light when you are entertaining in your yard or camping. Set outdoor solar lamps on the picnic table or on a stump next to your lawn chair when relaxing in the evening air. The small size of a solar powered camping lantern makes it easy to pack and carry. Solar Lanterns also come with a car charger for when you find yourself in a shady area. Electrical rechargeable lanterns are for indoor use only. Fully charged, the rechargeable lanterns can be stored for months and used during power out situations. Rechargeable lanterns also are handy when camping however; they are not approved for outdoor use.

Solar String Lights, Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are camping, entertaining in your yard or decorating for a holiday have a solar string of light bulbs handy for a quick way to enhance the atmosphere. Use string lighting for outdoor atmosphere by hanging the LED string lights outdoor around a railing, canopy, tree, fence, or roofline. You do not need to have electrical extension cords draped everywhere when you use led string lights outdoor lighting. String patio lights can also be used to wrap your trees, shrubs or fences. Actually put a string of light bulbs anywhere in your yard as long as there is sufficient sunlight during the day. When the sun goes down, you can see the beauty of your efforts. The possibilities are endless.

Solar string lights have a small solar panel at the end of the string which can be wall mounted or stake mounted. Be sure the ground is soft enough to push the stake into or else it could break. The two most common colors of string lighting used year round, are white and blue. The traditional Christmas LED lights in red and green always look good. However, white is generic and can be used by itself or behind colored drops giving the atmosphere a completely different effect for each occasion. Blue is a very cool and pleasant color that is liked by most people and also fits most every situation. Both white and blue are also commonly used as led string Christmas lights.

Some people will put a few led string lights up in a tree, or around a fence or overhang. Others will go to an extreme, putting solar string lights, outdoor lighting up on every surface they can reach. Most of us fall somewhere in-between. No matter where you fall, replacing an electrical string of lights with a led light string means no electric bills. You can leave the solar lights on all night long, because solar lights turn on and off automatically without the use of a timer. The LED bulbs, used in solar lights don’t burn out and will last for 100,000 hours and the rechargeable batteries can be charged 1000 times. Using solar in today’s economy is a great way to continue decorative lighting traditions without adding any extra hard earned money on electricity.

Rechargeable Batteries

Under normal conditions the rechargeable batteries used in solar lights should last for years however, winters can be hard on them. Try to keep your solar lights out of the shade during the day. This could cause them to illuminate during the day, thus drawing on the battery life. Another drawback to a shady area is that it may limit the amount of charge the batteries get. The best condition for rechargeable batteries is 8 hours of direct sunlight. This is not always possible, so just be aware that it could affect the charge. On the up side…. You can be sure that the solar lights sold at Solar Lights Advantage are of very good quality.